Archived Shows

All good things must come to an end. Here's a collection of classic Dislocate performances for you to reminise...


RISK Reduction

Risk Reduction is a rare show that successfully combines a myriad of art forms to produce an exciting, intelligent and skillfully crafted piece of physical theatre. The production's mix of circus, satirical comedy, romance and movement has enthralled audiences across all demographics and language barriers.

As a circus show, Risk Reduction boasts ‘an awesome display of physical prowess’. As a satirical comedy the show is “a beautiful juxtaposition between the dangers intrinsic to circus and the extent we will go to avoid risk in our everyday lives’. As a romance the show weaves whimsical musical scores and drama with stunning feats of acrobatic and aerial agility.


The Key

The Key use spectacular acrobatics and aerial wizard within a comic narrative, to provide an absurd look at bureaucracy going mad.
Follow the journey of John Citizen as he is drawn deeper and deeper into the dysfunctional organisation that is the The Ministry of Ministries. Bureaucrats desperate to regain the key to their organisation send him on a wild goose chase as they spiral further and further out of control.
Dislocate has teased, twisted and bent reality to create a physically surreal, yet very recognisable world.


The Arrivalists

The Arrivalists is comic, interactive outdoor theatre, filled with ground-based acrobatics and aerial stunts. Inspired by the lunacy of the likes of Buster Keaton and Charlie Chaplin and set in the same era, the Arrivalists is a mad, acrobatic, interactive foray into a film set of melodramatic proportions.


Mission Improbable

As a fast-paced, comedic aerial act, the height at which Mission Improbable is performed at makes it an exciting, visible attraction for large indoor and outdoor audiences.

Raised on bad action films and police dramas, Dislocate lapse into another moment of circuses. Mission Improbable is a ‘bondesque’ aerial routine with all the components of a true Bond trailer; feisty female spies, death defying drops, startling stunts and a romantic interlude all played out high above the ground.